You are sitting at home imagining sitting by the pool on a floating vessel at sea with the cool air blowing through your hair. While you are sitting there, you don’t have a care in the world. But, then you wake-up. Are you tired of dreaming of your first or next cruise? Well, here are some signs that it might be time to go ahead and book your next voyage!

Underwater photo taken of my daughter. She's wearing a purple bathing suit and purple goggles and has bubbles coming out of her nose and mouth.

1. You walk past a swimming pool and imagine it being the pool on a ship. Maybe I’m the only one who does this, but I know that’s a sign it’s time for me to book another cruise.

2. You are drinking out of your cruise glasses at home! You don’t want to just throw those cruise line drinking glasses you paid for away, so you bring them home and drink your favorite beverages from them. Obviously, it’s a sign it’s time to book a cruise.

3. You change your ringtone to the chime on the ship. Mine is the Disney Cruise Line Shipboard Announcement chime. You can watch the video below, so go ahead and upload the shipboard announcement chime from your favorite cruise line.

4. You’re stalking cruise pages on Facebook and reading cruise blogs. Therefore, you are getting tons of advice from fellow cruisers to find out what the best time to sail is and what others think of certain ships. Undeniably, it’s a sign it’s time to book a cruise!

Disney Cruise Line Facebook Page

5. The screensavers and desktop on your computer and phones are all cruise related. Admittedly, I am one of those who is able to daydream about a cruise each time I close a window on my computer. Therefore, I never get tired of the view of Castaway Cay!

Desktop screenshot showing Castaway Cay Island in the Bahamas
Desserts at Cabanas: Carrot Cake, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Oreo Cake, Chocolate Mousse, Pecan Delight. Trying to duplicate recipes from your cruises is one of the signs that it's time to book a cruise.

6. You try to duplicate the drink and dessert recipes from your last cruise. Believe it or not, you can find duplication recipes from the cruise lines on their official pages. Pinterest is another great resource for these recipes! If you’re anything like me, you certainly have a ton of Pinterest fails! Go ahead and book that cruise so you can have someone else do the cooking and baking for you. This too, is one of the signs that it’s time to book a cruise!

7. You begin looking and pricing out different cruise lines, ships, dates, and destinations. Considering this, go ahead and pick one because you know it’s one of the signs that it’s time to book another cruise!

GIF of Simba and Nala saying, "Please." Asking everyone you know to go on a cruise with you is one of the signs it's time to book a cruise.
Just keep begging, just keep begging…

8. You start asking everyone you know if they want to go on a cruise. First, you ask your mom? “Can you go with me?” Then, you ask all your friends, and finally, your neighbors? “Please go on a cruise with me!”

Bikini model in a Tiffany-blue bikini top and same color shorts on the beach. Buying bathing suits in winter is one of the signs it's time to book a cruise.

9. Meanwhile, it’s winter time and you are looking to purchase a summer dress or a new bathing suit for your next cruise. Therefore, go ahead and follow the signs that it’s time to book a cruise!

10. You are stressing over the expiration date on your passports. Your passport cannot be within six months of expiring when you set sail, so it’s a good thing to be thinking about in case you do go ahead and book another cruise.

Generic photo of two passports with white background. Thinking of expiring passports is one of the signs of needing to book a cruise.

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10 Signs It’s Time to Book a Cruise