Sea Day (Day 2 of 4)

Today is our first day at sea. We woke up after a restful night of sleep around 10:00, got dressed and headed to Windjammers for breakfast. I thought I was going to have a hard time sleeping with my daughters bed being directly above my head, but it was fine. When I woke up my throat was severely dry and I could barely talk. With us being on the ocean, you would think the humidity in the room would be a bit higher, but the air was so dry! I suggest keeping some water in your in-room refrigerator. After a little bit to drink, everything was good and I could talk again. We enjoyed breakfast and headed back to the room to get our swimsuits on. Emily, my 12-year old daughter did not want to hang out by the pool. She hates crowded pools and since there was only one pool, it was crowded. A note about the pools: The main pool is small and deep. There is a splash area the encompasses the pool, but if you are in the pool you are going to be treading water. They do have lifeguards. Also, the splash area around the pool is slippery. I saw multiple people slip and fall, so be careful. The kids pool is very small and it has a miniature slide and one larger slide. The slide is flat and the kids kept getting stuck. If your child is below the height requirement, they must ride with an adult. The slide was not open on embarkation day.

The pool area in the solarium was chilly. It’s also very outdated. The solarium on Oasis of the Seas is incredible!

Emily wanted to participate in activities on the ship. She and my husband walked around the ship, played in the arcade, and came up to visit us at times. I stayed on the sundecks to hang out with our friends and catch some rays! There’s just something about the peacefulness of the ocean that I can’t get enough of. There were pool games and contests on the main deck throughout the day. There was also a family mini-golf tournament. My favorite activity to watch this day was the Mens International Belly Flop Competition at 12:15! Men, make sure your belly hits first! We can tell when you use your arms to make the “smack” sound, so just stick that belly out there and take one for the team! After all, the passengers are the judges! The slow-mo replays were the best!

One of my favorite indoor activities on Oasis of the Seas was the Love and Marriage game show. Usually they get a newlywed couple, a couple who’s been married between 5-20 years, and a couple who’s been married a long time. We headed to the Pacifica Theater at 2:30. This time there was a newlywed couple who got married on the ship the day we embarked. Their entire family was in the audience! Talk about embarrassing! If you get a chance to see the game show, it’s totally worth it and you will laugh until you fall out of your seat! Warning: some content is not appropriate for less than 13 years of age, maybe even under 18 years of age! Emily really enjoyed it though!

The rest of the day we just hung out on the decks. Harry, my husband, found a place in the shade to read his book, Emily just wandered around. I’m still not sure what she did all day.

The cinema was small and for kids and adults who are vertically challenged, such as myself, it is impossible to see the screen in a comfortable position. As you sit back and relax in the seats, there is a railing that cuts your line of sight directly in the middle of the screen. Also, the movie choices were not impressive.

The movies that were playing in the cinema on this sailing were: Book Club, Oceans Eight, Breathe, and Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom. We all got ready for dinner around 5:00. It was formal night, so it took us extra long time to get ready. The bathroom was TINY so there was no way we could get ready in there. We make our own dressing room by opening a closet door on the left side and opening the bathroom door on the right and we have a dressing room. There is also a divider curtain that separates the spaces in the room itself, so now all three of us could get ready. I wanted to make it to the top deck in time to take pictures in our formal wear with the sunset, but we did not make it. We were lucky enough to make it to dinner on-time.

I thought for formal night we would get a special menu with lobster. Unfortunately, that was not the case! The menu from night-to-night didn’t change much. I’ll go into more detail in a different part of this review when I discuss the pros and cons of the cruise. One annoyance was the amount of time it took to get our food. The kids were tired and our waiter picked up on their lack of attention. He started a nightly riddle for us to try to solve while we were waiting.

Here are some of our meals

After dinner we went to see the production in the theater called Now and Forever at 10:00. It’s a sing-along with musical stage hits that have become instant classics. It was good. I enjoy the Broadway-style shows a lot better, but there was great talent and a live band. Who doesn’t like live music? The show featured the Royal Caribbean Singers and Dancers.

Emily and London wanted to dance, so we all went to the Centrum where there was live music.

My husband was extremely tired so he called it an early night. While he was sleeping, my daughter and I stayed and hung out with Tony and London. We went to watch the last few minutes of karaoke in the Colony Club. Emily also taught London how to play Chess in Schooners.

After that, we were calling it a night too. It was around 11:00. The ship was still hopping (unlike Disney, where you go to the atrium around 11:00 and can hear a pin drop). My friends daughter thought she could race us to the room, so off she went. She got confused as to what floor our staterooms were on and kept going up when we got off on the right floor. We couldn’t find her for 15-20 minutes. Finally after calling down to guest services, we were told she was down there. Parents, make sure your kids know your stateroom or have a meeting place in case you get separated. Not having a way to communicate on the ship is a definite con! More about that in the pros and cons section of this review.

I changed into my pajamas and sat on my balcony listening to the waves and felt the warm ocean breeze for about 20 minutes before calling it a night. If you ever wondered if a balcony room is worth it, I will say 100% of the time, 100% yes! I love waking up to seeing the weather, watching us dock at ports, and just sitting out there in the peace and quiet.

Thank goodness there was a soccer game on TV. There are not too many channels to watch, so I put something on that would lull me to sleep. I can watch the ship’s excursion channel so many times before I have it memorized. Day 3 is Cozumel and we were going to Nachi Cocom Beach Break.

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