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If you ever wonder what all is included in a Disney Cruise, as well as what kind of activities you can participate in, especially on holiday sailings, check out my latest blog. I've included the Personal Navigators from all 9 of our sailings including Double Dip at Castaway Cay, Easter, Christmas, and New Year's Eve sailings. You will also find Port Adventure Guides for Western Caribbean, Eastern Caribbean, and Bahamas sailings. There are recipes, maps of Castaway Cay, templates for towel-folding, and instructions on how to make a diorama of a Disney Ship. Find out more by clicking the link! Feel free to share ideas with me on what you would like me to write about.

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Pirate Night

Ahoy, mateys! Arrrrgggghhhh you ready for some swashbucklin' fun? One of me favorite nights on a Disney voyage (Bahamas and Caribbean itineraries) is Pirate Night. This is when buccaneers of all ages, including crew members leave their landlubber life behind, get dressed up in their inner buccaneer's best, have pirate-themed meals, talk like a pirate, and learn the pirate jig on the Buccaneer Blast and Club Pirate deck parrrrties.

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